April 25th, 2011


Three good things (because I'm tired of whining)...

In the time between my last regular journal entry and starting up again recently, at least three good things happened. I'm going to write them down here so I have something positive to remember.

1. After breaking my ankle (a year ago this month!) I went back to powerlifting in July as soon as I was cleared to lift. I went to the Olympia Invitational in Vegas in September and I broke the North American Deadlift record for my age/weight class. 353 lbs, 5 months after breaking my ankle. Good times.

(This summer I'm hoping to do a little more powerlifting-haven't had time recently with all the school crapola.)

2. In January I won an award. The school district had every middle and high school choose a "Campus Innovator" and "Campus Difference Maker", and our school was the only one where the principal let the staff choose-everywhere else admin chose the award. So my coworkers named me "Campus Innovator", and I was touched because to me, letting the staff choose gave the award way more meaning.

The best part of it? I got called up first (because they did the schools in alphabetical order) and I had to stand there while they called up all the other award winners. People took about 1000 pictures since it's the first time the district gave these awards out. So anticipating a boring day of meetings, I was wearing a shirt that says "My IEP says I can". Which is now in about 1000 photos. Those of you in education can laugh, the rest of you can just know it's vaguely inappropriate.

3. I ran into a PTA mom last week of a former student. This student is currently an 11th grader in multi-variable calculus who got a very competitive summer internship at a local hospital and now wants to go pre-med. And she told her mom it's all because of my 6th grade math class.

That makes me feel pretty good.