July 5th, 2010

was I lifting that?

The good and the bad...

The bad news-I'm finally going to cave and withdraw from the lifting competition I was supposed to be in on July 10th. I could go bench only, but my upper body training has been too sporadic for a decent showing.

The good news-based on how well I did at the meet in March I got invited to deadlift at an invitation only event in Vegas in September. I just spent this last week in Cabo with my coach and my trainer (they got married-more thoughts on that trip later) and they were urging me to go since he got invited to go as well. It sounds like it will not only be a good competition, but also a lot of fun. Plus, I won't lie-I'm a little psyched that I did well enough to be included in an invitation only event.

Now the tough part-I haven't been cleared to do any heavy lifting yet. I see the doc next week, and hopefully I'll get the green light. That will give me almost 3 months to prep. Wish me luck.